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Maddie's Mayday®

Only $4.95 per month to keep your pets safe!!!

Seniors and Singles: Check in with Maddie's Mayday to keep your pets safe.

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As a responsible pet parent, you provide your pets with nutritious food, quality medical care, a warm bed, and love!

But what would happen to your pets if you were injured, incapacitated . . . or worse?

  • Would anyone know you have pets at home?

  • Would anyone rescue them in time?

To ensure that your beloved pets would be rescued, we created Maddie's Mayday!

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How does Maddie's Mayday work?

Maddie's Mayday is a website, not an app, that works on ALL devices (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, netbooks, and smartphones).

Maddie's Mayday is an inexpensive service that allows you to check in with us on a regular basis so that we know your pets are safe.

Based on your pets' needs, you choose how often you plan to check in with us. Then, you designate from one to three people to serve as your pet contacts. After you set up and enable the system, you check in by clicking the paw on the Maddie's Mayday website. If you don't check-in with us, your pet contacts will be issued a Mayday. This means that an email and text message will be sent to them informing them that you have not checked in and that your pets may be alone.

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The paw, shown to the right, as well as other features, will be visible on the website once you become a Maddie's Mayday member.

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How do I join Maddie's Mayday?

A Maddie's Mayday membership costs only about the same per month as a couple of cans of pet food!

You may join using one of the following options:

1. You may purchase an annual plan (one year) of Maddie's Mayday for $54.95.

You may pay by using your Paypal account or by using a credit card through PayPal.
If you choose to pay using a credit card, you do not have to create a PayPal account.
However, with this option, you will need to manually renew your membership with Maddie's Mayday each year.

2. You may purchase a one-month subscription plan to Maddie's Mayday for $4.95.

A PayPal account is required for subscriptions.
You may pay by using your PayPal account, or you can create a PayPal account by using your credit card.
With this option, you will automatically be charged by PayPal each month.
You may cancel your subscription plan through the PayPal website to avoid future charges.

All payments are securely managed through PayPal.

To pay with your credit card or PayPal click the PayPal button below.
You will not be charged until you complete payment processing through PayPal.